NPPA trains EWRC staff on National Public Procurement Procedures

NPPA trains EWRC staff on National Public Procurement Procedures


Sierra Leone’s regulatory body for procurement, the National Public Procurement Authority on Thursday 16th July trained a cross section of the staff at the Electricity and Water Regulatory Commission on key national public procurement procedures.

According to the Deputy Director for Capacity Building Mr. Siaka Koroma, there is a need for a constant review of procurement processes and procedures in consideration of its dynamic and ongoing nature. He stated that the objective of the training was to give staff a good idea of the process flow of procurement and the principles that guide the undertaking of procurement activities. He further went on to state that 45-50% of government’s expense goes into procurement therefore there is a need to do things the right way, get results and value for money.

The training concentrated on the use of the standard procurement forms (SPF forms) which included requisition, procurement committee decision, evaluation, final evaluation, RFQs and reporting forms and how each of these can be used in the beginning to end of any procurement cycle.


One of the participants at the training, Ms Isatu Bah stated that she found the training to be very useful as she gained skills such as the standard ways of procurement process according to NPPA requirements, the need to consider not only the purchasing cost but the time, duration, recurring cost in the procurement process. Other skills learned include knowing the five R’s of Procurements (Right Place; Right quality; Right Quantity; Right Time; Right Price) etc.

In his remarks, the Director General of the Commission Dr. Emmanuel Mannah stated that the Commission’s request for the training was borne out of the President Maada Bio’s call for delivery in all areas and as such, the need for an in-depth training for the procurement staff of the newly set up unit of the Commission in order that no one would be found wanting in the future.

EWRC Talk show Launched in Bo and Kenema

EWRC Talk show Launched in Bo and Kenema


A cross section of the Electricity and Water Regulatory Commission’s (EWRC) Commissioners and Management visited Bo and Kenema over the weekend to launch the maiden edition of the EWRC Talk Show at the SLBC radio station in these respective locations.

The visit to these locations was described as timely by the Director General of the institution Mr. Emmanuel Mannah. He stated that as it is the Commission’s mandate to serve the whole of the country, it is only fitting that strategic moves are made to reach out to stakeholders in all parts of the country.

According to Mrs. Ngozi Obi Sesay the Head of the Consumer Affairs and Public Relations Department, the radio program is an offshoot of the Commission’s flagship program in Freetown which has succeeded immensely in educating the public on the work of the Commission as a regulatory body for electricity and water sector utilities and entities and also educating consumers about their rights and responsibilities.

During the live program in Bo, Commissioner Saidu Boakarie, who is also a resident of the district, explained to listeners that the Commission was very much inclined to address the challenges faced by consumers in the area of electricity and water as one of its main focus is consumer protection. He further stated that the recently passed regulations in Parliament now gives the Commission further powers to take punitive actions against defaulters especially as the districts face a proliferation of bad packaged water in the market.

The introductory program, which mainly focused on the water sector, covered topics such as giving listeners a background of the Commission, its mandate and strategic goals, regulated entities with an in-depth explanation as to areas and manner in which these entities regulated.

Based on the positive response of listeners who, through various calls and texts messages, applauded the move of the Commission in the area of information dissemination, Director General Emmanuel Mannah assured the members of the public of a sustained period of broadcast in the near feature wherein the work of the Electricity and Water Departments in the course of monitoring and ensuring compliance of the terms and conditions of licenses would be made public through these programs.




A cross section of the Electricity and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) Management and staff on Tuesday 16th June, 2020 took part in a one day Business Writing Skills presentation offered by CFY Partners, a Ghanaian based consultancy firm.

At the opening of the presentation, the Head of Consumer Affairs and Public Relations Mrs. Ngozi Obi Sesay stated that the key objective of the presentation was to provide a tool kit for staff with strategies to strengthen reform initiatives and ultimately develop the full set of skills needed to write successful reports.

presentation w  hich was done by the firm’s Partner & Head of Business Advisory Services Felix Tamattey, took the staff through various topics including the various stages to be considered in the writing of an accurate report. He stressed on the need for a report, which he described a factual record of an undertaken activity, to be “persuasive” and fully argued with evidence to support recommendations.

Mr. Tamattey went further to note the writers should be mindful of the four ‘Ws’ in report writing (Who, What, Why and When) in order that the audience for which the report is written is clear and the purpose or relevance of the report is taken into consideration.

In giving his vote of thanks, Electricity Engineer Cyril Boima expressed appreciation for what he described as a fantastic presentation. He noted that the presentation was very much timely for all staff as the Commission is in the process of compiling a half year report of its activities and staff of various departments would be very much involved in putting this  together.