About Us

Who we are

The Commission is often seen as “balancing” of interests of its stakeholders through the protection of consumers from unfair treatment by utilities, promotion of economic efficiency of the service providers/investors and the monitoring of compliance to standards and regulations.


To regulate the electricity and water industries in accordance with government laws and policies, standards, and international best practices in support of sustainable and orderly development.


To be a recognised world-class leader in water and electricity regulation.

Goal & Values

The Sierra Leone Electricity and Water Regulatory Commission is established to formulate, implement, monitor quality and compliance, provide tariff guidelines, licenses and implement regulatory frameworks for the safe, secure, affordable and reliable supply of water and electricity in Sierra Leone.

Our core values include Integrity, Professionalism, Transparency and Accountability

The Commission’s objectives are as follows:

  • To promulgate rules, regulations, guidelines and policies that would help increase investment by judiciously licensing companies that have the capacity to meet customer demand.
  • To support service providers to re-invest in infrastructure and service to ensure sustainability through fair tariffs.
  • To resolve cases (rates and other cases) and disputes and ensuring that customer complaints are resolved by the utilities
  • To promote consumer interest by creating affordable tariff structures and ensuring the reliability of supply.

    To become a dynamic organization of professional people with the highest degree of technical competence and integrity.


The Electricity and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) was established by an Act of Parliament in 2011, with the following objectives:

  • Act as an independent and transparent regulatory authority for the electricity and water industries Issue and as the case may be renewed, amend, suspend, revoke, and cancel licences.
  • Provide guidelines on rates chargeable for the provision of electricity and water services
  • Protect the interests of consumers and providers of electricity and water services
  • Monitor standards of performance for the provision of electricity and water services
  • Promote fair competition among public utilities, and conduct studies relating to the economy and efficiency of public utilities