The Commission is governed by a Board of Commissioners headed by a Chairperson. Each of the Commissioners are politically appointed for a period of three years and eligible for re-appointment for another three years term but shall not be eligible for reappointment after these terms would have been served. Amongst the appointees, there shall be a representative from the Sierra Leone Institute of Engineers, Sierra Leone Labour Congress, Sierra Leone Consumer Protection Agency with others having technical expertise and relevant knowledge in the areas of electricity and water.

Mr. Mohamed B.D Seisay Chairman

Mr. Mohamed B. D. Seisay is the Chairman of the commission. He is a seasoned Administrator with over forty years of experience in Human Resources and Development.

Dr. Emmanuel Mannah Director General

Director General and Secretary to the Commission. He is a Harvard Graduate with over fifteen years of professional experience in corporate leadership, Economics and  Mathematical finance.

Ing. John Bosco Momoh Kai-Kai Commissioner

Ing. John Bosco Momoh Kai-Kai joined the members of the Commission in April 2015. He is representing The Sierra Leone Institute of Engineers and also doubles as the Vice president of that Institute. He is…

Mr. Ibrahim Michael Kabia Commissioner

Mr. Ibrahim Michael Kabia is a member of the Commission. He represents consumers through the Sierra Leone Consumer Protection Agency on board. Mr. Kabia is a consumer protection activist with over twenty five years of…

Mr. Muluku Sulaiman Tarawally Commissioner

Mr. Muluku Sulaiman Tarawally joined the Commission on the 10th. of October 2018. He is representing The Sierra Leone Labour Congress. Mr. Tarawally is a trade unionist with over twenty years of experience.  

Dr. Juana Paul. Moiwo Commissioner

Dr. Juana Paul Moiwo is representing Water Engineering. He is a professional Hydrologist with over fifteen years in the field. Dr. Moiwo is a lecturer at the Njala University, Mokonde  

Ing. L. S. Tani Pratt Commissioner

He is a seasoned Engineer with more than forty years of professional experience in corporate governance, mining and electrical engineering . Ing. Pratt is a founding member and Managing Director of CEMMAT, a leading multidisciplinary…

Mr. Sahr Ngayenga Commissioner

Mr. Sahr Ngayenga is a member of the commission.He is a Development professional with over 25 years of experience. As former Deputy Director General of Nassit, his vast experience in management can help solidify the…

Mr. Saidu Boakarie Commissioner

Mr. Saidu Bockarie is a member of the commission. He is representing the electricity sector. He is a seasoned Finance Manager and Lecturer with over twenty-seven years of experience.