1. Mandatory Submissions:
(1) Completed Application Form.
(2) Certificate of Incorporation and Certificate of Business Registration and Memorandum and Articles of Association, or Deed of Partnership.
(3) Evidence of lease or other acquisition of land (if applicable).
(4) Tax Clearance Certificate for immediate past three (3) years (if applicable).
(5) Business Plan (for the term of the licence).
(6) Off-take Agreement or Arrangement.
(7) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Approval Certificate, or Proof of submission and acceptance for processing of the Report on EIA to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), including details on how effluents and discharges will be managed.
(8) For new (greenfield) facilities:

a. MoU with or Letter of Intent from Engineering Procurement Contract (EPC) Contractor (if applicable).
b. MoU with or Letter of Intent from the technical partner (if applicable).
c. Financing Agreements or letter of intent to fund the project from financial institution(s).
d. Timelines for commissioning of the plant and the date when different capacities of the plant will come into operation.
e. Feasibility study with economic and financial analysis and social impact assessment.

2. General Requirements:
(1) Site Map showing fuel delivery and storage locations; transmission evacuation site; water pipelines; gaseous, liquid, and solid waste disposal areas; etc.
(2) Location Map showing Roads, Rail Lines, Transmission Lines, Rivers, Reservoirs, etc.
(3) A principal single-line diagram of the project site.
(4) Fuel Sourcing, Transportation, and Supply Arrangements.
(5) Water supply and availability analysis for plant and staff use.
(6) Plant Design.
(7) Number of staff.
(8) Power Station Information:

a. Total capacity (MW)
b. Number of Generating Units
c. Size of Generating Units (MW)
d. Expected Annual Generation (MWh)
e. Proposed Running Regime
f. Station Load/Load Factor

(9) Generator Unit Information (this information must be reported for each facility intended to be covered by the licence):

a. Generator Type
b. Rating (MVA, MW)
c. Terminal Voltage (KV)
d. Rated Frequency
e. Rated speed (RPM)
f. Automatic Frequency Control Facility
g. Rated Power Factor
h. Unit Efficiency
i. Short Circuit Ratio
j. Direct Axis Transient Reactance
k. Direct Axis Sub-transient Reactance
l. Quadrature Axis transient reactance
m. Generator Cooling (Air-cooled, Hydrogen, etc.)
n. Auxiliary Power Requirements
o. Type of Exciter (Static or Rotating, Self or Separately Excited)
p. AVR type
q. Generation Protection (Relays)
r. Type and Characteristics of Governor Control System
s. Generator Unit Transformer Data
t. Manufacturer’s name / Year of Manufacture / Warranty

(10) For new facilities, EPC Contract.
(11) Details of Phasing of Project, if applicable.
(12) Auxiliary Systems.
(13) Ancillary Services:

a. Black Start facilities
b. Reactive Power Generation capabilities
c. Frequency Response Capability
d. Maximum Generation capability
e. Fast Start capability

(14) Report of evacuation studies:

a. Load Flow Studies
b. Stability Studies
c. Short Circuit Studies

(15) Station Safety Arrangements:

a. Emergency Response Plan
b. Fire Fighting Facilities
c. First Aid
d. Safety Awareness and Staff Training Plans
e. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
f. Health & Safety Policy

(16) EIA and Waste Management Plan.
(17) Expected date of Commissioning.
(18) Evidence of approval from Transmission Company confirming that proposed connection point has capacity to take load which will be fed to its Connection.

3. Specific Requirements:

(1) For Hydro Plants:

a. Agreement/Approval with Ministry of Energy and the National Water Resources Management Agency.
b. Map showing proposed Dam Reservoir Area, Water conductor system, fore bay, power house, etc.
c. Information on area of village, forestland, agricultural land, etc., submerged.
d. Turbine Unit Information (Hydro Turbines):

(a) Turbine Type
(b) Nominal Head (Meters)
(c) Nominal Water Flow (m3/s)
(d) Turbine Capacity (MW)
(e) Turbine Efficiency
(f) Hydro Governor Type
(g) Block diagram for the speed governor
(h) Noise Level
(i) Manufacturer’s name / Year of Manufacture / Warranty

(2) For Thermal Plants:

a. Gas-Steam Plants:

(a) Steam Turbine Type
(b) Boiler Pressure and Temperature
(c) Minimum and Maximum Rated Capacity
(d) Steam Pressure and Temperature (Super Heat and Reheat)
(e) Heat Rates
(f) Efficiency at rated capacity
(g) Fuel quality specifications requirements
(h) Noise Level
(i) Run-up and Run-down Rates
(j) Minimum Synchronizing Generation
(k) Manufacturer’s name / Year of Manufacture / Warranty

b. Coal-Steam Plants:

(a) Steam Turbine Type
(b) Boiler Pressure and Temperature
(c) Turbine Efficiency
(d) Heat Rate
(e) Noise Level
(f) Run-up and Run-down Rates
(g) Coal Type and source
(h) Burner Type
(i) Description of Coal Handling System (e.g., Mill type, Conveyor)
(j) Coal Ash Management and Disposal Arrangement
(k) Emissions Levels (NOx, SOx, etc.)
(l) Flue Gas De-sulfurization System (if available)
(m) Manufacturer / Year of Manufacture / Warranty

c. Gas Plants (OCGT):

(a) Gas Turbine Type
(b) Minimum & Maximum Turbine Capacity
(c) Efficiency
(d) Fuel Quality Specifications
(e) Gas turbine pressure ratio
(f) Noise Level
(g) Heat Rate
(h) Run-up and Run-down Rates
(i) Ignition system
(j) Major Gas Turbine Accessories
(k) Type of Air Intake System
(l) Emission Levels
(m) Manufacturer / Year of Manufacture / Warranty

d. Oil Plants:

(a) Turbine Type
(b) Turbine Efficiency
(c) Heat Rate
(d) Noise Level
(e) Run-up and Run-down Rates
(f) Oil Type and source
(g) Burner and Ignition System Type
(h) Description of Oil Handling System (Storage and Heating facilities)
(i) Emission Levels
(j) Manufacturer / Year of Manufacture / Warranty

(3) For Solar Plants:

a. Solar Thermal Power Generation:

(a) Type of Solar Thermal Power Generation technology employed
(b) Terminal Voltage
(c) Station Load and Station Load Factor
(d) Ancillary Services provided
(e) Annual Generation
(f) Rated Power Factor
(g) Heat Rate
(h) Phases of project
(i) Total capacity of Plant
(j) Detailed Diagram of plant arrangements on site
(k) Turbine type and its accessories
(l) Boiler type and its accessories
(m) Collectors type and its accessories
(n) Cooling system for the steam condensers
(o) Collector isolation
(p) Solar resource assessment

b. Solar Photovoltaic Cells Technology:

(a) Maximum Cell Voltage
(b) Type of Solar Cell employed
(c) Maximum generation from photovoltaic (PV) Cells
(d) Type of Solar Panels and Inverters
(e) Capacity of Solar Panels and Inverters
(f) Building Penetrations / Water Damages
(g) Batteries Capacity
(h) Solar resource assessment

(4) For Wind Farm:

a. Wind Speed (high-speed wind site or low-speed wind site)
b. Wind farm information:

(a) Total capacity (MW)
(b) Number of Blades
(c) Rated Capacity (MW)
(d) Rotor Diameter (m)
(e) Rotor Speed (RPM)
(f) Power Factor
(g) Rated Wind (m/s)
(h) Station Load
(i) Frequency
(j) Cut-in Wind Speed (m/s) and Cut-out Wind Speed (m/s)
(k) Swept Area (m2)
(l) Wind resource assessment

c. Design Data (Wind Turbine):

(a) Generator Type
(b) Gearbox Type
(c) Converter Type
(d) Braking System Type
(e) Yaw System Type
(f) Control System
(g) Offshore Container Type
(h) Onshore version (optional)
(i) Light Protection System
(j) Integrated Hoisting System)
(k) Hoisting System

d. Noise Reduction:

(a) Sound reduced gearbox
(b) Noise Emissions (in decibels)
(c) Noised reduced nacelle
(d) Noise insulation of generator
(e) Impact noise insulation of the gearbox
(f) Rotor Blade with minimal noise
(g) Noise reduced operation

e. Tower Design Data:

(a) Tower Type
(b) Hub height of the Tower (site dependent)
(c) Power Control
(d) Number of Towers

(5) For Embedded Generation / Off-Grid Generation:

a. Total Capacity per site
b. Number of Generating Units per site
c. Fuel Type
d. Size of Generating Units (MW & MVA)
e. Terminal Voltage
f. Rated Power Factor
g. Reactive Power Capacity (if any)
h. Noise Level
i. System Protection
j. Waste management plan or EIA (if required)
k. Agreement or Arrangement with Distribution Company for Network use
l. Manufacturer / Year of Manufacture / Warranty