Meeting with DFID Review Team on the Rural Renewable Energy Project
Sep 16, 2019
Sierra Leone Electricity & Water Regulatory Commission
Meeting with DFID Review Team on the Rural Renewable Energy Project

A cross section of Management met with the DFID  Review  Team  this morning as part of the  latter’s  review  of  the  RREP. This meeting forms part of DFID’s assessment  of the project  performance  against  set delivery  indicators.

Management  made it clear that the technical  assistance  by UNOPS in the drafting  of the mini grid regulation  and subsequent key role of  the  EWRC in the mini grid space  has overtime garnered global interest in the sector.

Discussions  also centered around  the successful  public consultation events on the said regulation as organised by the  Commission  across  the country  with key stakeholders  in the sector, the success of  community  engagements  across 13 districts  on the mini grid tariff approval  process  and the monitoring  and evaluation  aspect of the project.

On the status  of  the draft mini grid regulation, the DG explained that the document had been reviewed and formatted by officials at the Ministry of Justice and now reside  with the Ministry of Energy for a final  technical  review. The document will then be ready  for the signature of the Chairman of the Commision after which the  relevant minsiter will pass this on to Parliament  where it would gain the full force of the law after the 21 days mandatory period.

The DG also stressed on the need for DFID to further support the capacity  building  drive of the Commission if it were to effectively  play it’s  role  as a regulator in this steadily  growing  sector.