Feb 12, 2021
Sierra Leone Electricity & Water Regulatory Commission


Director of Economic Regulation-Mr. Brima Bah deliberating on tariff in Koribondo

EWRC embarked on a five days public engagement to eight locations from the 12th – 16th January 2021 to specifically communicate the proposed and reviewed tariff calculations in locations operated by Power Leone and Power-Gen. These locations are; Koribondo, Bandajuma Sowa, Bumpeh, Tihun, Sumbuya, Bradford, Kangahun and, Moyamba Junction.

The objective of this engagement is to give the community people a better understanding of the dynamics and considerations taken into account before arriving at a tentative tariff structure for all lots for the work package 2 sites and to communicate the proposed new tariff to the work package 1 communities for both Power-Gen and Power Leone sites after hearing their previous complaints in the first year during the Commission’s community engagement sessions. It is also aimed to allow the community to give their feedback on the proposed structures.


Proposed Tariff by Power Leone:


Description WP1 WP2 The current difference between WP2 and WP1 tariff (Year 2)  
Year 1 Year 2 WP 1                Percentage Change Year 1
Connection Fee Le150,000 Le150,000 0% Le170,000 13%
Monthly Service Charge Le27,000 Le12,000 -56% Le12,000 0%
Average Tariff USD $0.87 $0.627 -28% $0.687 10%
Average Tariff SLL Le 7,482 Le 6,128 -18% Le 6,715 10%
Tariff Structure Le5,101 Le 6,128 20% Le 6,715 10%
Exchange Rate

(US$ to Le)

Le 8,524 Le 9,772 15% Le 9,772


Proposed Tariff by Power-Gen:

Description WP1 WP2 The current difference between WP2 and WP1 tariff (Year 2)
Year 1 Year 2 WP1                Percentage Change    Year 1
Connection Fee- Single phase SLL150,000 SLL150,000 0% SLL 150,000 0%
Connection Fee- 3 phase       SLL 800,000 n.a.
Monthly Service Charge- Single phase SLL 10,500 n.a.
Monthly Service Charge- 3 phase  – 12,000  n.a. SLL 75,000 n.a.
Average Tariff USD 0.82 US$   0.82 US$  0%
Average Tariff  SLL SLL 6,990    SLL 8,049  
Tariff Strcture- Block 1 SLL 8,500 7,960 -6%  6,699 -16%
Block 2 SLL 6,000 6,000 0%  3,500  -42%
Exchange Rate

(US$ to SLL)

SLL 8,524 SLL9,772 15% SLL9,772  


All the public engagements on both new and revised tariff communications were well conducted as scheduled for all the eight sites above.  The commitments and supports from the operators and the stakeholders were very good which enabled us to achieve our mission accordingly.

Community engagement on tariff with community members in Kangahun

The stakeholders and the operators showed great gratitude to EWRC for the tariff negotiation intervention. Most of the location’s stakeholders were happy and supportive with the new tariff communicated, despite some were still not happy for the tariffs as they said it is still very high for their people as most of them are farmers.

The operators are ready to comply with the new tariffs approved and are also working tremendously to improve the quality and affordability of the electricity supply.