Sep 24, 2021
Sierra Leone Electricity & Water Regulatory Commission

L-R: Dr. Emmanuel Mannah, SLEWRC Director General, Ing. Prince Moore – Sourie, GVWC, and Commissioner Ibrahim Kabia, Consumer Protection Agency

A team from the Sierra Leone Electricity and Water Regulatory Commission (SLEWRC) headed by the Director General on Wednesday 22nd September, 2021 embarked on a monitoring and inspection visit to the Guma Valley Water Company facilities at Mile 13, at Mambo, Wilberforce, Spur Road, Babardorie, Congo Dam, Allen Town, Pademba Road, Charlotte, and Black Hall Road. The objective for the inspection was to assess the conditions of the various facilities so as to ensure quality delivery of services.

Speaking at the dam at Mile 13, the Director General of the Electricity and Water Regulatory Commission, Dr. Emmanuel Mannah, enquired from the Chief Engineer of Guma, Ing. Prince Moore – Sourie, how the Dam was operating, and why the people in Freetown in recent times were facing water acute shortages, in addition to the various other challenges faced by the dam.

Responding, Chief Ing.  Prince Moore-Sourie, informed the team from EWRC that Guma Valley Water Company relies principally on a single source, the Guma Dam at mile 13, with over 90% of the total supply to Freetown through its Water Treatment Plant at Mambo. He stated that the Mile 13 Dam was threatened by deforestation, encroachment and lack of network coverage system in some areas within the site. He also informed the delegation about the challenges faced by the various facilities, ranging from electricity supply, encroachment, water theft, unavailability of land to construct modern raw water storage.

Ing. Moore-Sourie further informed the delegation about drop in water level mostly as a result of shortage in rain fall due to climate change and human activities. He stated that when the water dropped at any level, supply to the treatment process becomes more difficult and complex, thereby adversely affecting the rationing of water supply to Freetown.

Continuing, Ing. Moore-Sourie also mentioned that most of the complaints against their utility were as a result of community members interfering with their main water supply pipes, and the failure by Construction Companies in involving Guma Valley Water Company to advise on standard codes of practices in doing their water connection pipes. He therefore called on the Commission to institute policies to ensure utilities were involved in every aspect of work-related matters.

Ing. Moore-Sourie thanked the British Government for its support in helping Guma Valley Water Company to rehabilitate the Babardorie facility and the water supply pumps for the Spur Road facility.

On his part, Ing. John Bosco Kai-kai of the Board of Commissioners of EWRC, thanked and appreciated the Guma Valley Water Company for their tremendous effort in providing water for the Freetown municipality, and encouraged them to continue to channel their challenges to the Commission for redress as the Commission was not only there to seek the interest of the consumers, but also the utilities.

Commissioner Ibrahim Kabia, the Representative from the Consumer Protection Agency appreciated the effort of Guma in maintaining hygiene in their various facilities and encouraged them to comply with the various instruments of the Commission and to start making use of the Sierra Leone Water Code which was developed by EWRC.