Sierra Leone Electricity and Water Regulatory Commission presents draft water sector regulatory instruments to the Ministry of Water Resources
Jan 15, 2019
Sierra Leone Electricity & Water Regulatory Commission

The Chairman of the Electricity and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) Mohamed Seisay has on Tuesday 8th January 2019 presented a total of 8 draft regulatory instruments to the Minister of Water Resources Dr. Jonathan Bonopha Tengbe. The regulations which were put together with support from the AARC consultants under the MCC Threshold Program for Sierra Leone. These instruments are aimed at providing guidelines for service providers to improve the quality of water supply services. They also include punitive measures for non-compliance with the standards for providing these essential services.

He expressed concerns for the clarity in the commissions role in monitoring the utilities to avoid any possible overlap with that of the Ministry of Water Resources. Also, his concerned was also centred around the water code. According to him, the water code is very timely and important at this point because the Ministry is currently developing infrastructural project. Water code will be very important and useful in managing this investment.   He assured the commission of setting up a committee including SALWACO and other necessary committee members to look into the draft regulations put forward by commission.  After their review, the Ministry will submit feedback and possible suggestions to the commission.