SLEWRC to sensitise water factories
Jul 22, 2016
Sierra Leone Electricity & Water Regulatory Commission

The Sierra Leone Electricity and Water Regulatory Commission (SLEWRC) would sensitise people on the use of public utilities and regulate the water and electricity sectors in order to ensure the provision of standard services to Sierra Leoneans across the country, according to Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Obi Sesay.

She disclosed that the commission would first target owners of sachet water companies during a sensitisation workshop slated for this Wednesday, 17 February.
“Our mandate is not just limited to the regulations of public utilities, it also involves the regulation of entities such as SALWACO, Guma Valley Water Company, EDSA, EGTC, Independent Power Producers and all those concern with the production of safe and hygienic drinking water and electricity,” she stated.
She explained that the commission would educate owners of water producing companies about the quality of water they should sell to the public.
The commission, she noted, encourages sachet water producing companies to register their businesses with the commission and obtain licenses in order gain legal recognition.
She maintained that companies producing sachet water would be scrutinised and their locations inspected to ensure they meet the standard of pure and hygienic drinking.
“All water companies, including those reported to have been certified by Standard Bureau, should be prepared to be inspected. And anyone of them that fails standard test will not be allowed to operate,” Mrs. Sesay warned.
She insisted that the inspection of water companies would be done in the interest of the public, so as to ensure the safety of citizens.
She added that factories should go through standard test to prevent any possible outbreak of water-borne diseases.